White Fillings Give Your Teeth A Natural Look

Fillings are a very simple yet very effective treatment from your Berryville, VA, dentist to control the spread of decay and its damaging complications. White-colored fillings do all of this but do so without creating visible spots on your smile every time you open your mouth. Learn more about white fillings by reaching out to Main Street Smiles with Dr. Ahmed Al Attar.


Cavities form on your teeth as a result of bacteria that clings to them because of plaque. Sugary foods and drinks feed the bacteria and in return, they produce acids that damage your teeth. Over time these infected areas can grow and can threaten the integrity of the tooth itself and surrounding tissue. These can lead to a severe tooth infection and gum disease, and their related complications.

To stop a cavity in its tracks your Berryville, VA, dentist removes the decay from your tooth and uses a filling to repair and reinforce your tooth.

White Fillings

Amalgam fillings were once the most popular choice for dental fillings, and they continue to be a useful option in certain circumstances. But for many and most situations, white fillings can provide the same benefits but without being so visible in your mouth.

White fillings are made with a composite resin material that can match the appearance of your natural teeth. They are applied in very thin layers that are cured and hardened with ultraviolet (UV) light, this allows for a multiple of them to be completed within a single visit.

These are the same composite resin materials used by your dentist to repair damaged teeth, close slight gaps between them, and reshape and recontour misshapen teeth.

Protect Your Smile Today

White fillings from your Berryville, VA, dentist are a great way to discreetly protect your teeth from cavities and to do so discreetly.

Schedule a consultation today with Dr. Al Attar of Main Street Smiles by dialing (540) 955-4220.

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