What To Do if You Lose a Filling

Many of us have experienced cavities in our lifetime, and have dental fillings as a result. While fillings are designed to be durable and permanent, on occasion fillings can become loose or fall out completely, leaving you with a void in your tooth susceptible to bacterial growth and possibly dental pain.

If you've lost a filling, follow these tips from dentist Al Attar of Main Street Smiles in Berryville:

  • Hold on to your filling: If it is loose but still in your tooth, gently remove it to avoid swallowing it by accident. Rinse the filling off with water and keep it in a clean container or sealed bag to bring with you to your dentist at our Berryville office, as it may be reusable.

  • Clean your tooth: Once the filling is completely removed from your tooth, rinse your mouth with water and gently brush your tooth to remove any food particles that have settled into the void.

  • Call your dentist: Make an appointment at our Berryville office as soon as possible to have your tooth treated. Your dentist may recommend using an over the counter cement paste to fill the void if your appointment is delayed more than a couple of days. If you are experiencing extreme pain, bleeding, or discharge from the affected tooth, your dentist will need to treat you right away.

  • Treat your tooth gently: Before your appointment, avoid irritating your tooth. Eat soft foods if you find chewing causes discomfort, and try an over the counter pain reliever or numbing product if the pain is severe. Missing fillings can expose the nerve of the tooth, making it more susceptible to pain and sensitivity.

  • Follow instructions from your dentist: After your filling is replaced at our Berryville office, make sure to follow care instructions regarding eating and brushing.

Don't distress over a lost dental filling. Call Main Street Smiles in Berryville today at 540-955-4220

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