Tooth Colored Fillings Restore Your Smile

Tooth Colored Fillings Restore Your Smile

Dental fillings? You can have a naturally beautiful smile with tooth-colored fillings. Tooth-colored fillings, or composite fillings, are used to repair cavities and damaged teeth. They're made of silica fillers and plastic resins. These substances mimic the qualities of tooth structure. Led by our extraordinary dentist, Dr. Ahmed Al Attar, Main Street Smiles (located in Berryville, VA) offers a full range of dental services. Here are 5 ways tooth colored fillings can restore your smile.

1. They Can Beautify Your Smile. Amalgam (silver) dental fillings are less popular than composite fillings because of their silver-like appearance. Composite fillings are made of a tooth-colored glass and plastic mixture. Your dental provider can closely match the color of your fillings to the shade of your teeth. Once your dental provider completes your fillings, they will look natural and won't be noticeable when you speak.

2. They're Used to Treat Cavities. Composite dental fillings are used to restore teeth that have dental cavities. Dental cavities, also known as tooth decay, are holes in the teeth. Causes of tooth decay include drinking sugary drinks, eating sugary foods, and poor oral hygiene. Untreated dental cavities can cause infection, tooth pain and loss of teeth.

3. They Can Restore Broken Teeth. Composite dental fillings are also used to repair broken teeth. Chipping or cracking a tooth is a common phenomenon. An accident, sports injury, or biting down on something hard can cause a tooth to break. A composite dental filling can make your broken teeth look whole and healthy again.

4. They Can Repair Worn-Down Teeth. Tooth-colored fillings are also used to fix worn-down or weakened teeth. Tooth wear is caused by eating acidic foods, tooth grinding, and brushing aggressively. Tooth-colored dental fillings are less likely to wear down than tooth enamel.

5. They Can Strengthen Your Teeth. Dental fillings may last many years but eventually all fillings need to be replaced. Composite dental fillings are incredibly strong and will restore full function of your damaged or weakened teeth. They can expected to withstand biting and chewing forces well. Consult with a board certified dentist in Berryville, VA, to find out if tooth colored fillings are right for you.

If you need tooth-colored dental fillings, why wait? We can help you today. Call Main Street Smiles at (540) 955-4220 right now to make an appointment with our dentist in or Berryville, VA, office. We specialize in creating beautiful, healthy smiles that last a lifetime!

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